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Daliso Foundation focus on: EDUCATION and COMMUNITY Development.

Daliso Foundation is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization founded in 2013.


The word “DALISO” means "Blessing" in Chewa (Zambian language). Zambia is in South Central Africa, where most of the children we serve reside.


Daliso School Support

Daliso School Support’s Mission is to assist and encourage a child’s level of interest and motivation in learning by providing them with school supplies donations. We are pleased to have helped 2,300+ students and counting!


Daliso Leadership Varsity

Daliso LEADERSHIP Varsity (DLV): is a Youth Leadership Development Program that focuses on Student Success. We help our YOUTH see their WORTH by providing mentorship and training techniques of leaderships skills to cultivate confidence, effective diverse leadership, relationships, and performance. First, Daliso Leadership Varsity mentor students (male/female) from 8th to 12th grade to help them prepare for their future. Second, Daliso Leadership Varsity helps bridge the gap for students in their first 3-to-6 months post high school graduation prior to college. Lastly, redirect disciplines and bridge the gap for International Students transitioning in America for education and/or Diaspora lifestyle. 

Daliso Girls Mentorship 

Daliso Girls MENTORSHIP (DGM); is a mentorship programs that supports girls (ages 12-17)

become impactful women. We educate, support, and encourage girls to building self-confidence, empower girls to challenge stereotypes, use their voice, pursue their dreams, mentor one another, and help generate positive change for equity in their schools, communities, and society. 


Collaboration | Empowerment Initiative

Daliso Foundation’s COMMUNITY Development: focuses on collaboration with community leaders of influence, groups, and organizations to mentor our youths and help contribute to achieve desired results. We believe collaboration can lead to more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication. As leaders, we want to empower and educate our next generation.

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