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Febby and Lameck Kaira are the founders of Daliso Foundation. They founded Daliso in October of 2013 in Texas, USA. Febby and Lameck were born and raised in Zambia, Africa. They immigrated to America for a college education. Both obtained their University Education in the State of Missouri, USA. Febby and Lameck Kaira have been married since September of 2011; together, they have four beautiful children. The Kaira’s currently live in Texas, USA.

The Kaira’s Why for Daliso Foundation? “We believe, education is a chance that might give a child an opportunity to a better future.” It’s a Blessing being in the United States of America; we are exposed to opportunities that less fortunate children in our country Zambia may benefit; therefore, it is just right to extend this Blessing to those less fortunate children and families.

The opportunity is huge to meet each child’s need. Although not everyone can physically volunteer with Daliso Foundation, there is an opportunity to contribute school supplies or funds for shipping supplies. Students in Zambia lack basic school supplies to help them fulfill their learning needs. The Kaira’s believe that with continued support and donations from sponsors/donors, together we can do more in supporting a student and/or child’s level of education



Febby Kaira is a Social Worker, Certified Life & Mental Health Coach, Inspirational Educator, and Entrepreneur. She serves as the Adaptive PERSEVERANCE Coach – what that means is; she helps leaders and youths cultivate a mindset of CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION to achieve impactful results in THEIR purpose and/or profession despite difficulty or discouragement. To learn more of Febby’s profession please visit her website:


Febby is passionate about community service, and she gratifies that passion through Daliso Foundation. “I believe that volunteering is an opportunity to give back to humanity; it is also an invitation to everyone.”


BACK THEN: Growing up in a third world country; “being an international college student in America was a challenging and yet rewarding experience. I did not know what to expect besides America would be better than my country, Zambia – My assumption was that one comes to America, finds a job, and make money seamlessly while paying for their studies. I had no knowledge that one needs a social security number, international students were permitted to work 20 hours a week on campus if desired; OR – if one chose to work off-campus to make additional money for school fees, authorization ‘work permit’ was required. There was a lack of preparation for my college lifestyle in diaspora; therefore, I learned the ‘hard’ way.

Against all odds, Febby is the 'First Generation' to graduate from a university. Not only with a Social Work degree but also from the United States of America. The principles of courage + perseverance, respect, discipline, and a passion for education helped her thrive as an international student to be able to give back to her community and/or contribute to humanity today.

NOW: Febby is inspired by “Everyday PERSERVEANCE is GREATNESS Everyday.” Through, Daliso Foundation, Febby has continued to: Give Hope, Inspire, and Empower others! We all need an opportunity – “There is a student out there ‘right now.’ just like myself ‘back then’ who can transform their lifestyle like I did. I am here to offer that assistance in helping them be successful.”

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