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List: School Supplies

Primary School Supplies Needed

· School Bags / Backpack

· Composition Notebooks

· Pens: Blue, Black, & Red

· Pencil Box or Pencil Pouch

· Eraser: Pink or White

· Pencil Sharpener

· Spiral Notebooks

· Crayola Crayons

· Colored Pencils

· 12-inch Ruler

· No. 2 Pencils

· Highlighters

· Lunchbag

· Folders

Primary School Supplies Needed

· Dry White Chalk & Chalk Board Eraser

· Scissors: 5-inch Blunt Tip or Point Tip

· Loose Leaf Filler Paper Wide Rule

· Graph Paper/ Graph Notebooks

· Paper Glue / Glue stick

Secondary School Supplies Needed

· Laptops

· Laptop bags

· Protractors

· Mathematical Sets

· Scientific Calculator

· Compass with Measuring Guide

Thank you, for your donations of school supplies. Thank you, for Extending you Blessings.

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